Adopting Rambo

About Adopting Rambo

It’s hard to envision the suffering endured by Rambo, violently captured from the ocean and forced to perform in Indonesia’s notorious traveling dolphin circus. If that wasn’t enough, this young dolphin was then confined inside a small swimming pool in the Melka Excelsior Hotel in North Bali, where, day after day, he was forced to perform for paying tourists during loud theatrical shows. Since his rescue in 2019, Rambo rehabilitated at the Umah Lumba Center, transforming into a highly energetic individual that is full of life. He preferred to spend his time underwater, as nature intended. After careful assessment, the decision was made to give the dolphins the option to return to the wild. On September 3, 2022, Rambo, along with Johnny and Rocky were set free.

Adopt Rambo today to help offset the costs of tracking, and to keep the Umah Lumba pens open, should Rambo choose to return, or need additional care. If you'd like to make a gift adoption, you will be able to fill in recipient's information and a message on the next page so they receive a custom e-certificate and kit!