Adopting Rocky

About Adopting Rocky

Imagine being captured from the wild, then forced to perform in one of the world’s most abusive shows – the traveling dolphin circus. That’s what happened to Rocky. But it didn’t end there. After spending years as a circus performer, he was then sold to the Melka Excelsior Hotel in North Bali, where, for 10 years, he was confined to a small swimming pool interacting with an endless stream of tourists. Since we rescued Rocky in 2019, here, in the crystal clear waters of the Umah Lumba Center, he has gained weight and strength, and is once again enjoying the natural rhythms and sounds of the sea. Our 24/7 expert team of veterinarians and caregivers have evaluated Rocky for release back into the wild and it would appear he is a good candidate. Adopt Rocky today to help provide for his care! If you'd like to make a gift adoption, you will be able to fill in recipient's information and a message on the next page so they receive a custom e-certificate and kit!