Adopting Johnny

About Adopting Johnny

Captured in the Java Sea, Johnny was carted from town to town, and forced to perform in a plastic pool in Indonesia’s traveling circus. His next stop was a heavily chlorinated swimming pool in the Melka Excelsior Hotel in North Bali, where, for many years, this older dolphin was held in isolation. Johnny’s captivity caused him great suffering, including vision loss in one eye, skin damage and an injury to his right pectoral fin. He was also critically underweight. In 2019, we rescued Johnny and transported him to the Umah Lumba Center. He has since gained weight and strength, and spends his days exploring the large sea pen, where he experiences the natural rhythms and sounds of the sea. Our 24/7 expert team of veterinarians and caregivers are currently re-assessing Johnny for possible release back into the wild. Adopt Johnny today to help provide for his care! If you'd like to make a gift adoption, you will be able to fill in recipient's information and a message on the next page so they receive a custom e-certificate and kit!