Bali Dolphin Sanctuary

About Bali Dolphin Sanctuary

Dolphin Project has established the world's first permanent dolphin sanctuary in Bali, and we need your help! After years of working on the ground here in Indonesia with the government, four dolphins were confiscated from the Melka Hotel in August of 2019.

Two dolphins, Rocky and Rambo, are potential candidates for release, but are being held for evaluation. They have been placed in a natural sea pen and we plan to supervise their rehabilitation and hopefully see their release in the future.

The other two dolphins were in poor health and deemed unlikely candidates for release. Dolphin Project quickly went to work to build a sea pen to house them on a permanent basis, providing them a sanctuary home for the remainder of their lives.

Aside from the initial and ongoing construction costs, the Bali Dolphin Sanctuary is responsible for all costs to care for our dolphins. Johnny, Rocky, and Rambo will need regular medical care, food, and staff supervision, while the facility will need to be maintained.

By helping with our overhead costs, you can ensure that the dolphins in our care will live the remainder of their lives in peace and dignity at the Bali Dolphin Sanctuary!